Cranwell Social Club is a private members club that is situated on the side of the Village Hall building on Old School Lane, Cranwell Village.  The buildings are owned and maintained by the Parish Council but the Club is run by it's own committee.  It is a private members club with membership open to all residents of the Parish of Cranwell, Brauncewell & Byards Leap.  Membership costs £10 per annum.  There are regular social events held in the club and it usually offers satellite t.v. coverage of sports events.

Like all other licensed premises the Social Club has been adversely affected by Covid-19 and the various regulations that restrict trade but in September 2021 they were able to revert to full opening hours on every day of the week.  These are their current opening hours:-

MONDAY -  1900 to 2200

TUESDAY  -  1900 to 2300

WEDNESDAY  -  1900 to 2300

THURSDAY -  1900 to 2300

FRIDAY  -  1900 to 2330

SATURDAY  -  1200 to 2330

SUNDAY  -  1200 to 2230


Tel:  01400-261423 (opening hours only)


Facebook:  Cranwell Parish Social Club | Facebook