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24/0413 and 24/0479 - 17th April 2024  - Non material amendments - portable buildings at Old School Lane

24/0056/LBC - 15th January 2024 - re-tiling of section of roof -  Brauncewell Lodge, Brauncewell

23/1265/FUL - 19th December 2023 - The Old School, Old School Lane, Cranwell Village  NG34 8DF - change of use of former nursery to Parish Council office and meeting room for community use.

23/1194/LDPRO - 6th October 2023 - 8 The Hawthorns, Cranwell Village NG34 8ZU - erection of single storey rear extension.

23/1144/DISCON – 26th September 2023 - further changes to application to proposed conversion of redundant agricultural barns to 3 dwellings at Grange Farm, Long Lane, Brauncewell LN5 0DH. (MP)

23/0745/FUL - 3rd August 2023 - rear of 20 Willow Lane, Cranwell NG34 8DQ - demolition of existing garage and erection of new single storey dwelling.

23/0662/FUL - 26th June 2023 – 2 Ison Close, Cranwell NG34 8FJ – change of use of garage from residential to business use (picture framing), conversion of garage to workshop and erection of first floor extension over.  

23/0344/LBC    March 23rd 2023.     R.A.F. Cranwell - relocation of one aircon unit and installation of 2 new units at College Hall Officers Mess.

22/1628/FUL  12th December 2022 - Demolition of 2 storey garage/workshop and erection of single storey dwelling with integral garage – land to rear of 20 Willow Lane, Cranwell, NG34 8DQ.

22/1605/HOUS  November 16th 2022.   Erection of front porch.   4 Guthram Court, Cranwell NG34 8DA.

22/1315/FUL     6th October 2022    Erection of new 3 bed dormer bungalow at 38 Sleaford Road, Cranwell

PL/0082/72     July 16th 2022.    (LINCS C.C.)   Installation and operation of filter press at Brauncewell Quarries, Long Lane, Brauncewell.

22/1012/HOUS    July 13th 2022.   Erection of conservatory to the front and porch to the side.  3 Harrington Rise, Cranwell NG34 8XH.

22/0993/FUL    July 8th 2022.  Change of use of annexe from holiday let back to residential.  Oxenford Farm, Willow Lane, Cranwell NG34.

22/0836/HOUS    June 9th 2022.  Two storey and single storey extension at rear.  15 Westside Road, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8FL.

22/0608/HOUS    April 6th 2022.   Single Storey front extension. 41 Edmunds Road, Cranwell, Sleaford. 

22/0691/PNDEM   May 11th 2022.   Demolition of 2 and 3 storey accomodation block and undercroft canopy.  RAF Cranwell  NG34 8HB.

22/0613/DISCON   April 6th 2022.   To discharge condition on planning permission ref. 20/0903/HOUS at Dunsby House, Lincoln Road, Dunsby St Andrews NG34 8RJ.

22/0176/HOUS   Feb 3rd 2022.  Erection of single storey log cabin for home office / music room at 11 Westside Road, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8FL.  

22/0062/HOUS  Feb 25th 2022.  Erection of single storey rear extension at 1 Westside Road, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8FL.

22/0200/HOUS  March 8th 2022.  Remove existing front projection and replace with single story extension at 60 Edmunds Road, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8EP

22/0104/FUL  Jan 21st 2022.  Change of use of land to dog exercise paddock, and reinstatement of a vehicular access at Dale Farm, Westcliffe, Ruskington.

21/1966/HOUS  Dec 21st 2021.   Installation of 9m high domestic wind turbine at Old School Cottage, Lincoln Road, Brauncewell, Sleaford  NG34 8RH

21/1876/FUL   Dec 23rd 2021.  Erection of 9 new homes on land to the rear of 20 Willow Lane, Cranwell, Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8DQ

21/1888/HOUS   Dec 8th 2021  - Erection of two storey side extension at 15 Cranwell Avenue, Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8HG

21/1636/OUT    Oct 22nd 2021.  Outline application for erection of detached dwelling (all matters reserved) on land adjacent to 30 Willow Lane, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8DQ.

21/1452/HOUS.   September 16th 2021.  Proposed two storey side extension and erection of a garage and a side port – 4 Bristow Road, Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG348FG.

21/1072/FUL    August 9th 2021.   Proposed change of use of log cabin in domestic garden to beauty salon - 5 Baghdad Road, Cranwell, Sleaford NG34 8HJ. 

21/0817/FUL    May 5th 2021.   Removal of portable buildings and erection of Community Pavilion – land at Old School Lane, Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincs NG34  8DF. 

21/0584/HOUS    April 15th 2021   First floor side extension at Hill Top, Long Lane, Brauncewell  NG34 8RL.

21/0361/LBC   March 10th 2021  Proposed roof repair works to blocks C, D, E and F of Building 279 (York House) - York House, RAF Cranwell, Cranwell Avenue, Cranwell, Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8HH.

20/1643/PNH   Nov 27th 2020.  Single storey rear extension 8.0m in length from the original wall, eaves height of 2.2m and maximum height of 4.0m.  High Gables 16A Sleaford Road Cranwell Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8BY

20/1353/FUL   Oct 6th 2020.   Change of use of redundant agricultural barn to 1 dwelling and for associated operational development - Grange Farm Long Lane Brauncewell Lincoln Lincolnshire LN5 0DH  

20/1411/FUL    Oct 19th 2020.  Conversion of a redundant Horse Gin (former agricultural threshing use) into a flexible space for interchangeable use as either a holiday let or office/studio space.  Horse Gin, Long Lane, Brauncewell LN5 0DH

20/1313/TPO     Sept 30th 2020   2 weeping willow trees at 1 Farriers Gate  NG34 8NT.  Reduce height and spread for safety

20/1266/PNH     Sep 21st 2020    Single storey rear extension 5.795m in length from the original wall, eaves height of 2.3m and maximum height of 3.5m - Church Cottage 1 Church Lane Brauncewell Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8RQ..  

20/0893/HOUS   July 29th 2020.  Proposed single storey side extension and alterations for 2 Selvayns Drive, NG34 8EN. 

20/0918/TPO      July 21st 2020.  On Land Immediately Outside Boundary Wall Of 4 Cherry Tree Crescent Cranwell Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8GS

20/0937/HOUS   July 16th 2020.  Proposed single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory for 43 College Road, NG34 8DL.

20/0874/TPO       July 13th 2020   4 sycamore trees - crown raise 3m per tree and prune away from BT pole.  Crown thin.  At 82 College Road NG34 8DU

20/0894/PNH      July 10th 2020   Single storey rear extension at 24A Edmunds Road NG34 8EL

20/0721/PNDEM June 12th 2020  Demolition of 2 agricultural buildings in connection with application 18/1517/FUL at Manor Farm College Road NG34 8DP

20/0686/OUT       May 29th 2020   Residential development (up to 29 dwellings).  Renewal of application 16/0875/OUT for Land Off Sycamore Drive Cranwell NG34 8HR.  WITHDRAWN - NOT PROCEEDED WITH.  ORIGINAL APPLICATION REMAINS VALID UNTIL MAY 1ST 2021.

20/0332/HOUS    March 11th 2020.  Erection of single storey extension with changes to existing windows at 5 Guthram Court NG34 8DA.

20/0182/HOUS    Feb 14th 2020.  Erection of a One and a Half Storey Side Extension to create Annexe at 42 Sleaford Road Cranwell Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 8BY.

20/0072/CCC       Jan 22nd 2020   Installation of aggregate washing plant and lagoons at Brauncewell Quarries Limited Long Lane Brauncewell NG34 8RL

20/0050/PNH      Jan 17th 2020    Single storey extension at 79 Edmunds Road  NG34 8EP

19/1595/FUL       Dec 10th 2019    Construction of two silage clamps etc on Land At Cranwell Hall Farm Sleaford Road Cranwell

19/1451/HOUS    Dec 3rd 2019.  Erection of single storey side and rear extension at 59 Edmunds Road NG34 8EP.

19/1447/HOUS    Nov 22nd 2019.  Demolition of existing lean-to extension and erection of new single storey extension at 107 College Road NG34 8DN.

19/1531/TPO       Nov 5th 2019     Clearance of one beech tree at Byards Leap Farm Byards Leap NG34 8EY

19/1310/PNTEL   Sept 27th 2019  Removal of public payphone at junction of Cranwell Avenue and Cherry Tree Crescent.