The New Cranwell Community Pavilion

On this site we will continually keep you informed of progress on the Community Pavilion Project.  During January 2021 everyone living in the Parish was invited to participate in a Survey to vote for whether they wanted the Parish Council to go ahead with a plan to demolish and remove the old portacabins by the Bowling Club and replace them with a new purpose-built building.  This vote was crucial as to whether the Council proceeded with the project.  The voting public voted decisively in favour of proceeding with 73% of the votes being "Yes" and they also voted in favour of the building being in a Brick Style as portrayed on our initial flyer.  This vote also indicated that the public agreed to pay a little extra on their Council Tax to fund the project according to the parameters set out in the flyer.

On this page you will find links to additional information about this project.  These will be added as the project progresses.  Please click on the relevant heading to go to that information.

THE CONTENT OF THE INITIAL FLYER - this is the enlarged content of the document that was delivered to every home and which formed the basis of the vote. 
THE SURVEY RESULTS - a copy of our results poster.
SCREENSHOTS OF VOTING EVIDENCE - screenshots of the final online voting screen and the voting spreadsheet.
The following are links to periodic updates on progress with this project:
UPDATE APRIL 6th 2021 - architect appointed and starting work on project.
UPDATE MAY 2ND 2021 - plans produced - details of the plan, and Application for Planning Permission made,
UPDATE JUNE 18TH 2021 - our Planning Application is now in progress at NKDC with a Decision target date of 4th August 2021.  The progress can be viewed on the NKDC Planning Portal by CLICKING HERE or by using the reference 21/0817/FUL on their website.
UPDATE JULY 30TH 2021 - our Planning Appplication is APPROVEDCLICK HERE to see the Approval Document.
stated requirements t the present time we are being advised that costs have gone up by about 40% since we were given our initial quotes for the project.  Also the Funding Organisations are currently concentrating their efforts (and money) only into projects that relate to the consequences of the pandemic.  We are waiting to see how this develops and will report back in due course. 
UPDATE ON NOVEMBER 11TH 2021 - We held the first meeting of the Community Pavlion Sub-Committee on September 30th 2021.  You can view the Approved Minutes of this meeting by CLICKING HERE.
The Parish Council have received a tentative offer of a gift of funding for around £70,000 for this project.  However, the stated requirements being made on the project in order to receive this "gift" differ in many ways from those of the existing plan that has been granted  planning permission and much discussion will be needed over the coming months about how to reach agreement.  Funding applications have also been made to The Football Association, The Sports Council and the National Lottery.  We now have an estimate of around £150,000 - £160,000 for the cost of building this project.
UPDATE ON JANUARY 6TH 2022 - We've had our response from the Football Association to our request for funding.  They have offered us a "small" grant towards the cost of the Pavilion.  No figure as yet - we are asked to send them full details of the final funding arrangements for the scheme when they will decide how much to give us.  We are moving forward towards reaching an agreement in order to receive the £70,000 donation although there is more to do.
UPDATE ON JULY 30TH 2022 - Since we started with this project we have been constantly shocked by the rising prices of buiding work.  Our initial quotes have now more than doubled and are still increasing.  We revised our plans to try to accomodate these increases and recently received amended planning approval for these changes.  The revised plans can be seen here by CLICKING THIS LINK.  During the next few months we will be undertaking a review of the prioject to see what is economically viable.-   More news will be reported on these pages when decisions are made.
UPDATE ON JANUARY 18TH 2023 - We've been doing a lot of work in the background on this project.  We have formed a Standing Committee - "The Building and Projects Committee" - to oversee the process.  The minutes of their meetings are available on the "Minutes" pages of this website.  The rapidly rising prices of construction have caused huge obstacles in progressing with our original plan for a brick building and we have been searchig for suitable alternatives that fit in with our budget.  The Parish Council are very concerned that the cost of the project stays within the budget that was agreed during the Survey that they conducted in early 2022 - and that it does not cause a huge rise in the Parish Precept that is charged to the residents.  The cost of the original project had become over £280,000 and this was not affordable.
During a visit to the "Grand so that they can be erected in Designs" show at the N.E.C. we came across a company that install buildings made from MGO board.  These buildings are made by a multi-national company called "Catnic" - they are very environmentally friendly, highly insulated and are constructed "off-site" like a flat pack so that they can be erected on-site in hours.  These methods are being used to construct homes in various  parts of the country as well as sports pavilions and community facilities.  The prices are looking promising and we are awaiting further information.  Once things are in place we will arrange for a public meeting in the Village Hall when a presentation will be made of the building plans and works and questions can be asked.  We will provide updates on here as we go along.
CLICK HERE to see a video presentation of the proposed building construction.
CLICK HERE to see a case study of the construction method.
UPDATE ON MAY 16TH 2023.  THere has been a temporary delay in the development of this project due to the Election of a new Council.  Between mid-March and May 15th the Council was in a period of "purdah" which meant that all existing sub-committees ended and the new Council's first meeting (May 15th) had to appoint new ones.  It was decided to simplify the process by appointing a "Community Pavilion Working Party" that would progress the project.  This group would be able to appoint non-council members - people who had expertise in various areas that could be of help to the project.  The Terms Of Reference of this group are to make recommendations to the full Council for their consideration and decision.  At the time of writing it is anticipated that the subject will be discussed again in full Council on June 12th 2023.